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999 Made in USA - M999JTC

Designer: New Balance


Generally, New Balance running shoes don’t require an overly elaborate introduction. As performance shoes, they were highly regarded equipment for serious runners. Their sterling reputation gave the classic silhouettes from the New Balance archive a new life in the casual/fashion world.

Running technology is evolving all the time; as a state of the art performance shoe, any given model has a limited amount of time in the spotlight. For a shoe to remain consistently popular after the fact is the hallmark of great design.

The perennial appeal of classic New Balance runners lies in their aesthetic versatility. The tech elements and chunky silhouettes appeal to fans of classic performance shoes while the clean lines and stylish colorways appeal to retro running devotees.

A made in the USA edition of the 999 adds elements of casual style like a quilted toe box and rich, leather overlays in tan and brown, for a luxurious take on the popular runner.  

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